Steal My Stuff!!

Like what you see on my blog 'La Blonde C'est Moi'? Then you will love what I have to offer on 'Steal my Clothes'.

As I have alluded to in 'LBCM', I am a vintage whore. I adore all things old and glamorous. For most of my life (since I was 11) this has been both a hobby and a part-time gig. I have been gearing up as of late to start plans for either an online boutique or actual shop. This may be some time in the works as space in NYC is quite pricey. For now, I offer you 'Steal My Clothes'. I will be showcasing only things I love and endorse. Some vintage, some more contemporary. All cool and of high quality. Items will run the gamut from clothes (dresses, jeans, tops, sweaters etc), Jewelry, Shoes, Bags (but of course!), and some Vintage Housewares (Linens, Silver and Silver Plate, China, Glassware and Paintings/Prints).

All the ingredients for a glamorous life.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me at



Anonymous said...

oooh wonderful! good wishes for this blog, i'll be checking it regularly!
: )

Michele. said...

hey you! better give me a heads up! you should have a way to send fans an email when you put new stuff online. did you say bags??? i hope you will keep me in mind if you find stuff i would love (you know me and the big bags!!!) and i'm in the market for a new bag right now...

Bergdorf Girl said...


I don't have an RSS feed up yet, but will in the next few days...and once thats up you can subsribe and it will send you info anytime something new is posted!

Thanks for the support girls!!


Noni said...

umm.. are there free samples????

Bergdorf Girl said...

Noni: For you there is always free samples!! Haven't you been raiding my closet for years already?